The core of FW Group’s Investment philosophy: Invest in large, quality apartment assets in compelling markets for exceptional risk-adjusted returns. Our approach ensures we provide immediate positive cash flow, and we have never failed to exceed anticipated returns.

Why Real Estate?

Real Estate is an excellent, time-tested component for portfolio management. FW Group Investors have taken advantage of the full financial, risk management, and tax savings benefits afforded by real property ownership.

  • Supports portfolio diversity from stocks, bonds, and small business ownership
  • Provides opportunity for both ongoing distributions and capital appreciation
  • Leveraged investments can increase investor returns
  • Exceptional tax-favored estate planning benefits for real estate investments, and LLCs investment vehicles
Why Apartments?

There are various real estate asset classes, such as commercial, retail, and industrial. FW Group has focused on multi-family since inception, based on  favorable cash flow dynamics, demand driven growth, and investor returns.

  • Large tenant base reduces vacancy risk
  • Immediate cash flow to investors, plus long term capital gain
  • FW focus on mid-range quality assets ensures low vacancy and strong performance in both up and down markets
  • Escalating home prices continue to drive demand for apartments
  • Generally lower broker commissions and tenant improvement costs vs. office/retail
Why Our Markets (AZ, CO and WA)?

Asset location has tremendous impact on exceptional long term value creation. FW Group only focused on assets in markets that we believe provide excellent valuations at acquisition, while also affording enhanced returns over the long run based on local population, demographic, and economic factors.

  • Our markets have favorable macro-economic trends, populations growth and job expansion
  • Attractive, high-growth markets based on cost of living, leisure, lifestyle and quality of life
  • Great value and fewer large/ REIT competitors in our markets vs. many Tier 1 markets (i.e., Tucson vs. Phoenix)
Why FW Group?

While our focus on multifamily real estate in particularly compelling markets lays the foundation for success, it’s the FW Group approach that we believe differentiates us from alternative investment vehicles and ensures we deliver maximum return to our shareholder.

  • FW Group has a proven track record; exceptional returns for every investment to date
  • Immediate quarterly distributions with defined preferred returns
  • FW invests in all projects
  • FW’s sister company, Allan LLC, manages all properties, ensuring absolute alignment between ownership and management
  • Very low overhead driven by small, efficient team (translates to more return to investors)
  • History of investor flexibility and focus